Thursday, July 30, 2009


I just have to ask this question to my self out loud...Why in the world does it have to be record breaking highs (103,105 & 107 degrees three days in a row) during the week we chose to move? The ironic part is that we were able to move in since the 15th of July, but no I decided to wait until the 31st to move. And the other funny, but not so funny thing is...summer in Portland is normally in the 80's and 90's so no one has air conditioning. I am not sure why I feel punished for having to pack, pregnant and hot during the hottest week we have ever had in the history of this city.

I can only be thankful, I don't have to really lift anything and go up and down the stairs a million times...although I cannot say the same for Ben. Thanks muscle man, I truly love you!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Decorating Michelle's House...

About 2 months ago, my friend Michelle called (my old roomate in Seattle) and said "I need help". She and her husband were married about 1 year and had moved into a brand new townhome near Greenlake (in Seattle). And now a year later it still looked the same and her in-laws were coming to town. It is a beautiful house and just needed a little spruce and some color. So we had two months and $500 to come up with a plan. Since we have a distance problem, me being in Portland and all I sent her design sheets with all my color scheme ideas. I had only been there once so she posted reminder pictures on her facebook for me. Then we got the plan together and went shopping (and by the way I ended up doubling that budget). Then one weekend me and Steve went up for the weekend and he painted the daylights out of that house. I assisted and then brought it all together. It turned out beautifully, even though I am an Interior Design major drop out.

Before - Guest Room
After - Guest Room
That bookshelf will be painted Navy, and don't forget lots of travel brochures for your guests.
Before- Downstairs Bathroom

Before - Guest Bath
Amazing wht a little color can do
Before - Master Bath
We'll see if she keeps those counters clear???
Before - Master
After - Master
New Linens, hung pictures, new curtains, new pillows, new end tables and lamp shades (not shown here) and I even re-apolstered their headboard. This turned out to be my favorite room!
Before - Living room
What to do with the green couch?
Here is the techy himself, lots of cords to hide!
After - Living room and my favorite vase ever
The table against the fireplace is hopefully gone by now. The new coffee table/ottoman is from ikea and then I put some cushion and fabric over it. Wha la!
Such a lovely green couch with such a lovely brown room
Kitchen Before
She requested purple somewhere in her house, we found it all worked together very well, with the brown in the living room. Then I found some fabric that kind of tied it together and made some curtains.
And we still had time to have a little fun by going over to Bainbridge island.

I actually found the best ice cream in the world or at least it rivals with the gelato from Florence, Italy. But as far as ice cream goes, I think it might be the best.

Me and my brother Steve, two peas in a pod!

Prego Pics...

So I have many requests to post prego pics of me...and I really don't want to. But since there is such an overwhelming number (maybe 2 or 3) that would like to see my baby belly...I would not want to dissappoint anyone.

Here is me at 5 months...will post more as I get bigger because I guess there is something interesting about this to a few of you.