Monday, April 27, 2009

We are alive :)

So, I guess it has been over three weeks since our last post. I assure you that even though we are both unemployed, we have not been lying on the couch for three weeks :) I will post some pics tomorrow while I am sitting at adidas getting paid to do pretty much whatever I want. I actually have been working a bit here and there. I just returned last week from Virginia where I managed the SACUBO conference (NW GEMs biggest client!). And the weekend before, Ben and I had the chance to be in San Diego for one of my old roommates wedding. It was quite the weekend. Here is a preview pick of Torey, Kim, Terrie and I at the wedding... We were 4 peas in a pod at one time, actually they were truly angels for me and helped me through I very difficult break-up/time in my life. Hope all is well with the world out there!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sneak Preview...

So we are announcing Ben's graduation from Portland State on June 13th of 2009. And we are having a party too for whomever would like to join us! Ben has only one class this quarter and already looking for jobs. And as all of you know, it is not the greatest time for job hunting. But it is nice having him home before life get crazy. I just had to post this picture of Ben, it was his favorite. Silly boy!

Congrats babe, almost done, I am so proud of you!

Were live!!!!

I am so excited! My little business finally has a professional website! All these years I did it myself with templates and this time I designed it and then I got some help so it could be the way I wanted it. Yeah for me! ...and my awesome friend and web deigner, Cameron!
Everyone knows these are tough times, so read up about what we do and send business my way if you have any. I travel anywhere :)
And thank you all for your input, I liked them both, but I was going for a look that was a little more corporate.