Monday, April 27, 2009

We are alive :)

So, I guess it has been over three weeks since our last post. I assure you that even though we are both unemployed, we have not been lying on the couch for three weeks :) I will post some pics tomorrow while I am sitting at adidas getting paid to do pretty much whatever I want. I actually have been working a bit here and there. I just returned last week from Virginia where I managed the SACUBO conference (NW GEMs biggest client!). And the weekend before, Ben and I had the chance to be in San Diego for one of my old roommates wedding. It was quite the weekend. Here is a preview pick of Torey, Kim, Terrie and I at the wedding... We were 4 peas in a pod at one time, actually they were truly angels for me and helped me through I very difficult break-up/time in my life. Hope all is well with the world out there!


Rebecca said...

Glad you're posting again. I also took a 3 week break for no particular reason other than I never felt I had the time to upload pictures and talk about them. I finally did a little blogging but I'm still quite behind. Congrats on having a big client with GEM. I hope all goes well.

Rachel said...

I wish we could have met you in Cali! Glad all is well and we'll cross our fingers that Ben gets a job soon!