Saturday, July 30, 2011

A little home on the river...

We have been working on a little project over here in Portland and Salem.  My mother-in-law just moved into the most beautiful place right on the river.  It was a clean slate just waiting for me to get my hands on.  So I offered to help put some finishing touches on this lovely riverview retreat.  First...

The River

We did not have much for a budget, so off I went to Goodwill, the fabric store, Home Depot. DIY projects here we come!  Now we need some before and after pics...

The bedroom before

Not much change here, just a $3 shutter painted green, a garge sale wreath and a new duvet cover.

The hallway before

I seriously think that Sharon thought I was going to throw away all of her pictures.  Well I kinda wanted to throw away a few dozen empty frames cause she has way more than that.  But I neatly arranged them on her walls and then threw this wagon wheel up there...big lots special for $8.

The before pics, but hey it was a bathroom :)

She likes shells A LOT!  Well really she just likes the beach a lot...who wouldn't!  So needless to say we have a beach theme in here.   This was bathroom was extra special because it came with a washer and dryer.  We had to hide them behind this curtain so they would only be revealed when they perform.
The riverview room/family/dining room

Ben painted this beautiful wall, it took him all day and we had no air conditioning.  Needless to say he was a little grumpy.  Nothing a little mexican food and the funniest call to citibank (long story)would not fix.  It was a fun two days without Boston and he was in good care with his grandma :)