Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Are we ready...?????

So in the final weeks before the baby arrives...we ask ourselves, are we ready? Since my first instict is to scream no, I have to somehow justify that we are ready in some ways...

Nursery...check...and on a very tight budget which is a fun challenge for me!

Dresser $25 (goodwill)-repainted, new knobs-Corner shelf $20 (craigslist)-Bench $40 (ikea)- recoverd, paintings ($30 for canvas and my time)

My nursing nook...for now...Chair $75 (craigslist), curtains $4 (goodwill), Bookshelf $25 (craigslist), lamp $29 (my fav piece! marshalls)

Clothes...???? Well they are washed and organized. I just can't put a price on having a fashionable baby boy. Diaper bag packed and ready to go...where? I have no idea, I guess I have to learn to leave the house with the baby? And thank you Mom, for the first baby gift back when we found out, the bouncy.

Crib $100 (craigslist), Bedding probably around $40 and my time, Boston flags ($20 of embroidery)

Carseat in car...check

Car...check...I know it seems silly that this makes me feel ready, but we only have one car and if you saw my earlier post my jeep was injured...happy to replace it with the #1 saftey rated car, the Acura MDX. Good thing we saved in the nursery...

Graduating Cake Class...

My sister and I took a cake decorating class at Micheals Craft store for 4 weeks. I missed a week, but my teacher told my sister that I had talent and nothing to worry about. Too funny!
Anyways we graduated last week, I even got a little certificate and everything. My favorite part every week was taking the cake home to eat it. I love cake :) It was fun to hang out with my sis too, we are always so busy even though we only live 10 minutes apart.

Week 2 cake, we learned the star filler method.

Me and my week 4 cake

Week 4 cake, we mastered the "Wilton" rose and writing, it was no ones birthday or anything so I wrote Happy Un-birthday. Fun times!