Sunday, May 2, 2010


Boston on his first plane trip, fell asleep on take-off, woke up on!

Boston is gettting to know is grandpa...

Tev picking some creepy bumpy oranges

Already rooting for the indians...well he does have some cherokee in him

First swimming lession, this kid is a natural!

Uncle Trent helping cousin Ty hold Boston

Auntie Rachel, Ty and Boston (aren't they beautiful)

Cousin Aubree did not want to miss out on the fun, she gets to hold the naked baby!

Arizona, also the name we would give our little girl, if we ever have one..or there is Savannah too which is Bens' favorite. Anyways back to the subject Arizona...So several months ago when I was still in baby mode not really work mode yet, I agreed to go to Scottsdale and stay the week with my friend Tev with Boston in tow. So I got the ticket on my miles, baby flies free and the room was paid for thanks to Hyatt (Tev still works there). Easy, cheap and fun in the sun!

Then I got this brilliant idea to bring my husband and meet up with our family (Ben's brothers and their families live in Gilbert) and stay with them a few days. And then in the planning stage it turned into a whole different trip, renting a car driving 3 hours down and 3 hours back to Safford to see his dad and going to the local temple open house near Safford. Then I ended up leaving Tev a day early which made me feel a little bad. And at the same time, I had to work a little here and there because one of my conferences I plan was in count down mode and was just a few days away from starting. Eventhough most of the planning was complete there were a few loose ends to be coordinated before I could turn it over fully. Long story short, the trip actually ended up being better than I planned it...except for the weather part. Ben's dad ended driving up from Safford so we did not have to drive down...thank you! It was super fun hanging out with Tev and Boston got his first swim in, eventhough it was kinda cold. I think by then end she did not mind cutting loose from us and having a quiet evening on her own. We got to stay with Rachel and Trent and enjoy their children too for a couple days. And we also got to spend time with Quentin and Valerie and their children, Ben's dad Terry and also my fabulous friend Torey! And in the end I got a little sun too, thanks to Rachel's great back patio and psuedo sun chair/camping chair. Great trip to the AZ!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Baby Food Time..

Wow...5 months sure flies by, thought I would share some pics of our boo and his first taste of oatmeal..enjoy!