Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas in Oregon!

My mom had a great idea to do an ornament exchange, white elephant is the one given to Boston at the end of the night.
All the Corley's...Larsons..some Blakes ...and Friends!

Tev and her ornament...coincidentally, it was a little man, with a heart on his pants...meant to be!
Reindeer Ben
Tev and the hot least that is what she calls him.
Me enjoying my 1 month old...much more alert now :) PS. he slept 9 hours Christmas eve was his present to us! Already such a thoughtful little guy.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My little Xmas baby...

So much fun to have him during this holiday are a few pics taken in the last few weeks.
Would not be Christmas without the laughter of Uncle he is making baby faces.

Thanks Daddy for feeding me :)

Cutting down our Christmas Tree...I think it was 20 degrees or something that day, Boston is in my pouch, I was trying to keep him and me warm :)

Baby's first bath...

Okay so I am a little late...he is a month old now (well on Thursday) and obviously he took his first bath a couple weeks ago, but hey you know how it goes. Turns out the bath is almost his favorite thing besides of course my boobs :) In fact he takes one almost every day, when he explodes all over the life is so fun now.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Our little Boss...

So he finally arrived on Thanksgiving about 5pm. My brother says that we were both popping turkeys out of the oven at the same time. He was 10 pounds, 4oz. and 22.5 inches long. All went well with the pushing only 37 minutes...although it was a whole different story with the labor part. I will not go into the whole long 2 day story, but in short, I had to have three different epidurals because they were not working and some local (toes to torsoe) sort of old school style epidural, that lasted only 2 hours. I did not get much relief and pretty much felt like it was by default natural childbirth. Not fun...until he finally came.

We call him Boss, short for Boston around here these days because that is what he is...the boss!
It has been the hardest adjustment of my life and I never knew how real sleep deprivation is. But I have to admit, I was an emotional mess for the first three days, partly because my milk was not coming 6 days later, milk still not here, but is showing signs (finally have some colustrum) of arriving soon. Little Boston got jaundice and so we had to get the bili-blanket and have him wear it for two days...he is much better now and he finally got to eat with some formula.

I am adapting a little better everyday to the less sleep factor, we are all sleeping a little longer and better due to him having some food in him now. Ben has been amazing and very much a team player in our little family. He may not have the mothering instinct that I do, but he loves to bond with Boston and is the bottle making, diaper changing pro around here :) Thank you honey!

Here are a few pics for my friends that have not seen him yet...I am sure there will be plenty more coming soon.