Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm sooo tired - Part 6...The Zoo

And last but not least a day at the zooo...and now Ben and I are resting...for a while!
Orangatan...too cute for words bonding with the little girl
Baby and momma, is that how I am going to feel? ...big!
Smile Sara :)
Ben looking too cool even for that giraffe
My sister, Cheryl petting the goat
Sara and Elsie riding the fake ponies
All of the kiddies...

It think these cousins are going to miss each other.
Dead maybe not?

Dead moth the size of my hand, surprisingly not at the zoo,
but on our deck when we returned home.

I'm sooo tired - Part 5...The Beach

Can you see why I am tired yet?

So after the parade, the farm, the party prep, the graduation, after I taught a lesson in relief society, and after the birthday party for 3 people at the Larsons (did not even blog that one), we met up with Sharon to have Sara and Elsie stay with us for 3 days. We had so much fun...but if this is what having kids is about, I don't think I have stored up enough sleep my entire life for what is about to come. We spent the first day at the beach with the Larson's (my sisters family), it was so convient to have Riley (age 11) and Elizabeth (age 8) there to play with their cousins Sara and Elsie who are the same ages!!!

Uncle Ben and Sara
Ben's favorite part...getting to drive on the Beach!
Elsie and Elizabeth digging for water?
Ben buried Zach, so much fun until someone got sand in their eye.
Two peas in a pod, Elizabeth and Elsie
Sara and Riley
I just love this picture of Sara!

I'm sooo tired - Part 4...Ben's Graduation

Or how he insisted...Commencement! The day finally came, the last paper, the last test, the last class came and gone. We were both so excited, almost giddy. There was even a little extra fun, because Sara and Elsie came into town this week and were here for the big day. They were so excited to ride the max to the Rose Garden Arena and held the tickets in their hands the whole time. I have never really had the chance to get to know them and after the past week (more to come), I have learned they are very smart, beautiful not so little girls :)

Elsie, Sharon and Sara riding the max...big smiles!

Ben's name in lights, well in print..with a shout out to Safford
Ben out on the floor, ready to Commence...way to go new camera zooming 20x!
Is that Cheech or Chong?
The 80's called, they want their hair back...poor girl
Isn't that they cutest picture of Ben and mom :) Do you want some licorace honey?
Or maybe some cake? (like the shirt?)
Steve modeling Ben's new biking outfit..Thanks Steve!
You really out did yourself, we were rolling...LOL

The party was so much fun, a little planning and a lot of food, but we had a blast. Ben said some really nice things during a toast and thanked everyone. He even got a little teary eyed...I however am pregnant, so I was full on weeping the whole day. Good memories :)

I'm sooo tired - Part 3...Strawberries!!! My favorite!

After the farm we decided to go ahead and pick some more, this time it was fresh strawberries. These in my opinion (and my mom's too) are the best strawberries in the world or at least Oregon. They are a special kind and only one other farm has them locally. They are only open for picking 3 weeks during the year. So that makes it busy, busy everyday there for that time. Here are some pics of me and Steve (bro) preparing the berries for freezing and shortake for the grad party. Hopefully I will have some time soon to make some jam. Yummy!

I'm sooo tired - Part 2...The farm

For Ben's senior capstone class (the give back to the community program they have at Portland State) he chose to learn about Sustainable Food Systems and Educational Farms. They actually learned quite a bit and got the chance to work on a farm. Being "green" we all know is one of Ben's favorite things to promote, debate and live by. You could call it endearing or annoying, I guess it depends who he is talking with and what about :) I have always had a bit of the country in me too. I love nature, camping, planting my garden, which is currently 3 tomato plants and some herbs on our very small back deck and more recently I have grown to have a thing for chickens. You can have up to 3 in the city limits of Portland. We are seriously thinking about it as soon as we get a place with a backyard.

Anyways long story, a little bit shorter...I was researching community co-op farms one day and found one that needed volunteers. So every Wednesday (until my belly gets to big to bend over) me and a member of my family usually my mom go out to the country about 20 minutes away and volunteer at the farm. In exchange we get to take home a share of the harvest. He (farmer Steve) has about 90 families that pay about $30 a week for their share. And because of my hard work and devotion we get it for free! I like to give myself some props for being budget conscience while having a husband with no job and trying to start my own business with barely any income. Right on! And the vegetables are so fresh and I picked them my self, what is better than that???!!!

One of the ChickensNot sure what that is there, but he has over 40 different kinds of produce that we pick ranging from potatoes to beets to just different kinds of times
They even have a tractor, sometimes I sit on it, but I have never seen it in action

My most committed :)

I'm sooo tired - Part 1... Parade

This past week has been crazy busy!!! And I am starting to feel like the quiet years of my life will be ending very shortly. Over the next few blogs you will be reading and seeing what we have been up too here in Portland. Can't say we haven't had fact we have had a blast enjoying our perfect northwest summer weather and all that comes with it!

If you are familiar with Portland, you may know that we are called The City of Roses. And every summer we have a week (or two) long celebration called the rose festival. Quite the line up of events...we had the privledge to attend the parade and sit in the VIP seats, cause my sister won them on the radio...Thanks Cheryl!

The good old Boy Scouts of America...they even got a standing ovation!
The United States of America Marine Corps Band, I love a man in uniform (especially my man)!

The bagpipers (my favorite and also the LAST group to march)

Monday, June 1, 2009

The best birthday ever!

Well, I am not sure about best ever but it was a good one! When I browsed over the weekly forcast, I noticed some beautiful weather in store for the weekend of my birthday. What a better way to spend it then camping? So off we go, most of family in tow...some joined us for just the day. I found the place on my best tent camping sites book. 5 stars for beauty and it was right on a river with trout in it! Turns out they were small trout. But overall it was a great site, very green and lush. My birthday was awesome...Ben gave me a new camera, so excited!!! We had pancakes for favorite, we went fishing and I caught one, then we had some awesome chicken pot pie for dinner and birthday cupcakes..also my favorite...we ended the night with our annual campfire smores contest...Steve won the title this year with his fluffernutter smores and then we played a game of Catan. We drove back along the coast the next day, it was again a beautiful sunny day and gorgous drive. I love Oregon!

On our drive back, my mom, Bryan, me and Ben

Pacific City and Haystack rock, Ben was loving the fact that you can drive cars on the beach, we may have to revisit this place soon!

Mom and dog (Ginger), dog very tired after long day of camping

Intense Settlers of Catan game...Ben won :)

Pre-Settlers Catan dance that Steve and Bryan made up....hillarious!
My sister, Cheryl looking lovely and my brother David's car...really... Mercedes on the camping trip...he stayed for the day...not really a camper :) But we were glad to have him!
Annual smores contest..highlight of the day...besides the fish catching and cupcakes

Ben relaxing.. fishing!
Our campsite was right on this river and waterfall :)