Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm sooo tired - Part 2...The farm

For Ben's senior capstone class (the give back to the community program they have at Portland State) he chose to learn about Sustainable Food Systems and Educational Farms. They actually learned quite a bit and got the chance to work on a farm. Being "green" we all know is one of Ben's favorite things to promote, debate and live by. You could call it endearing or annoying, I guess it depends who he is talking with and what about :) I have always had a bit of the country in me too. I love nature, camping, planting my garden, which is currently 3 tomato plants and some herbs on our very small back deck and more recently I have grown to have a thing for chickens. You can have up to 3 in the city limits of Portland. We are seriously thinking about it as soon as we get a place with a backyard.

Anyways long story, a little bit shorter...I was researching community co-op farms one day and found one that needed volunteers. So every Wednesday (until my belly gets to big to bend over) me and a member of my family usually my mom go out to the country about 20 minutes away and volunteer at the farm. In exchange we get to take home a share of the harvest. He (farmer Steve) has about 90 families that pay about $30 a week for their share. And because of my hard work and devotion we get it for free! I like to give myself some props for being budget conscience while having a husband with no job and trying to start my own business with barely any income. Right on! And the vegetables are so fresh and I picked them my self, what is better than that???!!!

One of the ChickensNot sure what that is there, but he has over 40 different kinds of produce that we pick ranging from potatoes to beets to just different kinds of times
They even have a tractor, sometimes I sit on it, but I have never seen it in action

My most committed :)

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