Saturday, August 29, 2009

California Trip...the End!

Finally we get to go home...Although we have one last stop.. Uncle Bert and Bev's in Redding, CA.

When I was growing up, my grandparents (on my fathers side) lived in Redding, also my fathers' brother Bert and Aunt Bev. We would drive up to see them at least once a year, most of the time, twice a year usually for Thanksgiving and Easter. I then went off to college, my grandparents passed away, and my parents moved to Arizona, since then we stopped visiting Redding. Therefore it has been a while since I had seen my aunt and uncle. Ben really wanted to meet them, so we went to visit.

In the past 10 years, my Aunt Bev has become a famous artist. I actually have two of her watercolors hanging in my house. So I was really excited to see what she has been up to lately. Here is an article about her work.... Bev Corford, Canvas Calling

Bev's Art Studio

Aunt Bev & Uncle Bert

Their backyard has so many memories!

Koi pond, this used to be a standing swimming pool we used to swim in all the time.

Ben and I heading home now...yay!

It was so nice to get away for our little adventure before the baby comes. We also had the chance to visit with the Allison's (Emily, Margaret and Don), a family we grew up with and one of my mom's best friends. We also got to see my old boss/mentor, Del Owen and her family. It was a quick stop in Los Altos, but it was cool for Ben to meet some important people from my past. When we were driving home Ben said it was nice to see where I came from. He now knows his other half a little better. Until next time...Hasta la Vista California!

California Trip...Part 6 - San Francisco

Are we done yet? Do you see why we had to do this in parts?

This I think was Ben's favorite part of the whole trip and it was actually unplanned. We extended our trip for a day/night so that we could see the city. I thought he had been there before but really he had just been to the airport which is actually in Burlingame. So we could not pass up seeing this historic city together.

Funny growing up only an hour away from it, we did not venture into San Fran too often. It just seemed so big and crowded compared to San Jose. But once in a while we would go grab some yummy clam chowder at Pier 39 and go shopping at the big Macy's during Christmas time.

Ben really wanted to drive across the Golden Gate Brige...toll $6 bucks! Hope it was worth it Ben :)

We got to go under it on our afternoon trip around the bay. Also making an appearence was that San Francisco fog.

Driving down Lombard street, the curviest street in the world. Ben likes curves...

View from the top...Coit Tower

I love this building!

Ben's favorite part of the whole day was the view around Alcatraz, on our boat tour I think we went around 3 times at least. I was over it after one time, not my favorite type of island. Funny how men are facinated by prisons or maybe it was just the history.

Now were talking...we split a sunday at Ghiradelli Chocolate factory. I am suddenly revived enough to go check out China town. We even took public transportation there.

Ben was very proud.

Love these two much color!

Ben had to try something wierd, he said it tasted like a fish meatball....mmmmmmmm....not!

We finished off the evening with dinner in North Beach, bascially little Italy. I was so excited to get some real Italian food. The Bruscetta was amazing!

California Trip...Part 5 - Carmel/Monterry

I wanted to take Ben to Carmel/Monterey, because growing up near this most beautiful city was a privledge. People come from all over, I mean all over just to see the quaintness of it. And I learned to dive in the very chilly waters. We spent two nights there and went everywhere...except the Monterey Bay bad. There is always next time!

Ben at Pebble Beach, he was very excited to see this famous course.

The happy couple at the 18th hole.Me by the lone cypress

I love this place!

Ben likes the boats at the wharf, I think he really wants one someday...hmmmm.

California Trip...Part 4

On our 3rd day of true love said to me...let's go to Carmel.
So off we went down to San Jose for a home town tour and then a romantic stay in Carmel, CA.

Here is something I did not miss... California traffic, we sat in it for a while :(

I was so excited to see some of my favorite childhood spots...1st on the list, the Nut Tree...the bad news, it got torn down, here is the remainder of it...the good news, it is a brand new shopping center now which is what I have grown to love anyways. C'est la Vie!

The Sorority house I live in for a while...Ben thinks San Jose State is ghetto, becuase we stopped at the local Jack in the Box to use the facilities...all I can say is we felt very white and out of place. But I had some good times there, so whatever Ben :)

The house I was born in...oh by the way the house that my parents built here actually blew up 5-10 years ago, the new owners were...well were not sure. It is not rebuilt yet, because it is stuck in litigation. Bummer...PS. I only lived here a short time and actually lived in a walk in closet, maybe that is why I love them so much!

The house I grew up in, Ben liked my neighborhood and I told him stories about all the neighbors. We also did drive bys of my middle and high school. Way to go Bret Harte for installing Solar panels on the roof of the school. Glad to know green is cool in California too!
We finally made it to Carmel, just as the sun was setting...more to come!

California Trip...Part 3

Our 2nd day on our Vacation, Jen and Jason took us waterskiing! Ben was in heaven, we don't have any friends with a boat up here in Oregon so it was a rare occasion to get out on the water. Even I had a blast hanging out on the boat, swimming and my all time responsibility of holding the flag for the skier's. Ben tried to one ski, but alas could not get the groove of it. He then redeemed himself, by getting up on two ski's on the first try, then he even learned to wake board for the first time and was successful!

Ben on the wake board...

Jen and I stayin' cool :)

My poor little red head still got a little sunburned even with multiple applications...lets hope that Boston has my skin.

After the big day we cleaned up and went to dinner to celebrate Jen's birthday...yummy Italian!

Even after the long day, Ben had some energy left to play with Jen's in training. Isn't Holden such a poser, everytime you point the camera at him he would grin ear to ear! Love it!

California Trip...part 2

One of the reasons we decided to take the trip was to see our long lost family. My eldest brother Michaels' three children, Tricia, Matt and Scott. They all currently live in Sacramento. We were invited to dinner and Vicki's Vinyard Estate for a Mexican dinner. Fun was had by all :) The funniest part was the picture taking session that lasted more than 30 minutes, because mom wanted portraits of all the grandkids.

Me and my niece, you can see I was an aunt at only 6 years old. Tricia is now a married grown woman, she teaches 3rd and 4th grade at a charter school in Sacramento...And she is still as sweet as pie!

Matt, Scott and Tricia (Mike's children)

The girls...Me, Tricia, Vicki and Mom

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

California Trip...part 1

Sorry this has to be in parts....but I just have too many pictures and things to say in just one blog, plus I probably need to be a little more productive today and therefore will only be able to do blog a day. But hey it keeps you coming back right!

So Ben, my mom and I ventured out a few weeks ago on our venture to California...the original purpose was to see my best friend Jen and her family. But then it turned into so much more...

Purpose #2 - my mom heard we were going and she decided that she wanted to come too and catch up with old friends and family, the Allison's and her grandchildren. She also took the opportunity to fly down to LA from Sacramento to visit with her brother Johnny and her Aunt Pat. So she left us on Saturday and then flew directly back to Portland.

Purpose #3 - to show Ben where I grew up, he had the opportunity to take me to his home town of Safford last is my turn now!

Purpose #4 - to visit with old friends and family, we saw so many! ...more to come.

Purpose #5 - Last vacation before baby Boston joins our family...for months I have been trying to plan something, Hawaii, one last cruise...a weekend getaway with Tev...but I just could not bring it or the funds together...we finally decided to take a drive to Cali for the many reasons above. It was a blast besides the many hours in the car.

First I have to thank Jen and Jason for accomodating us and my mom for a few nights, Ben and I then stayed a few more nights before our trip to the bay area. They were lovely accomodations at Resort De Packer, I am sure she has blogged some of these pics before but I have to share as well.

The Hotel Lobby/living room

The Guest common area and breakfast bar

Entertainment for all, even Ben was captivated by the Star Wars game.

Recreation area/backyard

Resort pool, was nice to get into the hot tub, Jen kept the temperature down just for me and Boston.
Thanks again Jen...and yes I think this will definately become an annual trip even with babies in tow.

Monday, August 17, 2009

6 bump

This just in (well a week ago)...for all you fans out there!

Stay tuned for pics from our exciting pre-baby honeymoon to California!

Want to learn to fly?

I just finished my brother-in-law's website... (Cheryl's husband)

Let me know, maybe I can hook you up with some free flights :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Soccer in the Northwest!

So this is a bit old, but none the less very exciting for us up here in Portland! We have a soccer team...the Portland Timbers! And Ben wanted to surprise me (he knows I LOVE surprises) by taking me to a game for our Friday night date night, that really only happens about twice or so a month, cause when you have no kids you are together all of the time anyways. Unfortunately that will only last 3 more months or so :( Back to soccer....It was about 100 degrees, and I paid a kid a quarter for his little fan that he got free from the promotion people. Worth every penny! I was a swimmer not a soccer player, so Ben had to help me with the lingo. It was a really fun night though. Love you honey!

Every time a goal is scored, they cut a piece of wood off this big tree and then the mascot, lumberjack Joe (?I think that is his name) takes it around the stadium for people to touch. The girl below was really excited to touch his wood!...sorry could not help myself :)