Saturday, August 29, 2009

California Trip...Part 6 - San Francisco

Are we done yet? Do you see why we had to do this in parts?

This I think was Ben's favorite part of the whole trip and it was actually unplanned. We extended our trip for a day/night so that we could see the city. I thought he had been there before but really he had just been to the airport which is actually in Burlingame. So we could not pass up seeing this historic city together.

Funny growing up only an hour away from it, we did not venture into San Fran too often. It just seemed so big and crowded compared to San Jose. But once in a while we would go grab some yummy clam chowder at Pier 39 and go shopping at the big Macy's during Christmas time.

Ben really wanted to drive across the Golden Gate Brige...toll $6 bucks! Hope it was worth it Ben :)

We got to go under it on our afternoon trip around the bay. Also making an appearence was that San Francisco fog.

Driving down Lombard street, the curviest street in the world. Ben likes curves...

View from the top...Coit Tower

I love this building!

Ben's favorite part of the whole day was the view around Alcatraz, on our boat tour I think we went around 3 times at least. I was over it after one time, not my favorite type of island. Funny how men are facinated by prisons or maybe it was just the history.

Now were talking...we split a sunday at Ghiradelli Chocolate factory. I am suddenly revived enough to go check out China town. We even took public transportation there.

Ben was very proud.

Love these two much color!

Ben had to try something wierd, he said it tasted like a fish meatball....mmmmmmmm....not!

We finished off the evening with dinner in North Beach, bascially little Italy. I was so excited to get some real Italian food. The Bruscetta was amazing!

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