Saturday, August 29, 2009

California Trip...Part 3

Our 2nd day on our Vacation, Jen and Jason took us waterskiing! Ben was in heaven, we don't have any friends with a boat up here in Oregon so it was a rare occasion to get out on the water. Even I had a blast hanging out on the boat, swimming and my all time responsibility of holding the flag for the skier's. Ben tried to one ski, but alas could not get the groove of it. He then redeemed himself, by getting up on two ski's on the first try, then he even learned to wake board for the first time and was successful!

Ben on the wake board...

Jen and I stayin' cool :)

My poor little red head still got a little sunburned even with multiple applications...lets hope that Boston has my skin.

After the big day we cleaned up and went to dinner to celebrate Jen's birthday...yummy Italian!

Even after the long day, Ben had some energy left to play with Jen's in training. Isn't Holden such a poser, everytime you point the camera at him he would grin ear to ear! Love it!

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