Tuesday, August 18, 2009

California Trip...part 1

Sorry this has to be in parts....but I just have too many pictures and things to say in just one blog, plus I probably need to be a little more productive today and therefore will only be able to do blog a day. But hey it keeps you coming back right!

So Ben, my mom and I ventured out a few weeks ago on our venture to California...the original purpose was to see my best friend Jen and her family. But then it turned into so much more...

Purpose #2 - my mom heard we were going and she decided that she wanted to come too and catch up with old friends and family, the Allison's and her grandchildren. She also took the opportunity to fly down to LA from Sacramento to visit with her brother Johnny and her Aunt Pat. So she left us on Saturday and then flew directly back to Portland.

Purpose #3 - to show Ben where I grew up, he had the opportunity to take me to his home town of Safford last year...it is my turn now!

Purpose #4 - to visit with old friends and family, we saw so many! ...more to come.

Purpose #5 - Last vacation before baby Boston joins our family...for months I have been trying to plan something, Hawaii, one last cruise...a weekend getaway with Tev...but I just could not bring it or the funds together...we finally decided to take a drive to Cali for the many reasons above. It was a blast besides the many hours in the car.

First I have to thank Jen and Jason for accomodating us and my mom for a few nights, Ben and I then stayed a few more nights before our trip to the bay area. They were lovely accomodations at Resort De Packer, I am sure she has blogged some of these pics before but I have to share as well.

The Hotel Lobby/living room

The Guest common area and breakfast bar

Entertainment for all, even Ben was captivated by the Star Wars game.

Recreation area/backyard

Resort pool, was nice to get into the hot tub, Jen kept the temperature down just for me and Boston.
Thanks again Jen...and yes I think this will definately become an annual trip even with babies in tow.


Torey said...

Wait a second - you're having a boy! Yeah - you definitely need to post more often. First time I heard. Congrats! You're going to have SOOO much fun!

Megan said...

Looks like nice accomidations!!

Mrs.Field's Cookies said...

Wow your friend Jen has a beautiful house! I am glad you guys had so much fun.

The Packer 5 said...

You are too cute. I am glad you feel like my house is a resort - we try :)

kim & co. said...

Looks like a great vacation spot! And congrats on the boy!