Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Monday, October 3, 2011

Organized Player...

I just had to take a few pictures to show you how my little boy plays.  I have been noticing over the last few days how he lines things up.  Cracks me up!  First, he doesn't like to be dirty.  Now he is organizing his toys!  Love him!

My nephew Bryan came home from his mission.  It was so fun at the airport with the whole family there.  He came home to a new foster brother and sister.  A 14 year sister that grew into a teenager.  And to Boston, almost 2 years old and he had never met him!  Of course we all grew a little in some way, shape or form.  Glad he is home!
Bryan returns home from his mission in Brazil!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

At it again!

I would not be a Gemini if I did not have 50 different projects going at once. Some get left in the dust and never get finished (this drives Ben crazy) and some are a complete success!  My sister-in-law Valerie hooked me up as a group leader for a craft kit company called Makia.  I was addicted.  It was so easy and it gave me an opportunity to throw a party every month.  We all know I love to plan parties!  Then sadly Makia went out of business :(  But that did not stop me, I have inventing/copying crafts for my group every month.  I have 14 people coming this month, so I decided I need to keep it organized better, wha-la...Christie's Craft Night blog is born... and has now been merged with my furniture one.  Easier to manage one blog than two!

That is what we have been up to around here.  Well, we have also been camping, swimming, riding bikes and growing least Boston has been!  Yep little Ben number 2, he is looking just like him but a little cuter because he has some Corley in there too somewhere.  Love you honey (both of you)!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

A little home on the river...

We have been working on a little project over here in Portland and Salem.  My mother-in-law just moved into the most beautiful place right on the river.  It was a clean slate just waiting for me to get my hands on.  So I offered to help put some finishing touches on this lovely riverview retreat.  First...

The River

We did not have much for a budget, so off I went to Goodwill, the fabric store, Home Depot. DIY projects here we come!  Now we need some before and after pics...

The bedroom before

Not much change here, just a $3 shutter painted green, a garge sale wreath and a new duvet cover.

The hallway before

I seriously think that Sharon thought I was going to throw away all of her pictures.  Well I kinda wanted to throw away a few dozen empty frames cause she has way more than that.  But I neatly arranged them on her walls and then threw this wagon wheel up there...big lots special for $8.

The before pics, but hey it was a bathroom :)

She likes shells A LOT!  Well really she just likes the beach a lot...who wouldn't!  So needless to say we have a beach theme in here.   This was bathroom was extra special because it came with a washer and dryer.  We had to hide them behind this curtain so they would only be revealed when they perform.
The riverview room/family/dining room

Ben painted this beautiful wall, it took him all day and we had no air conditioning.  Needless to say he was a little grumpy.  Nothing a little mexican food and the funniest call to citibank (long story)would not fix.  It was a fun two days without Boston and he was in good care with his grandma :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Portobello Road

Have you seen Bed knobs and Broom Sticks?  K well you would know that cute little song about Portobello Road if you had seen it.  This is my new venture...It is a little stressful but you can read all about it here.
Ben does not love my new projects.  But maybe when I make a little money here and there he will.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Boston's shirt...

I did not think he would be in this shirt so fast! My brother David got it for him soon after he was born. But my little 18 month is already in 2T and growing quickly.

Love this video, sorry it ends on a cry. But that is kind of how our days go lately...some fun, some smiles and laughs, happy then sad and then well you may know...arched backs and tantrums on the floor :) Yay for toddlers...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Crafty McCrafter in the house..

As I have been a little slower in the winter months I have revived my inner crafter. Joining Makia Creations as a group leader with Valerie (my sister-in-law) has also helped. You may or may not know that I grew up in a crafting household. My mom, and my two sister-in-laws, Vicky and Cindy were boutiquers. We would stay up to the wee hours in the morning sanding and painting...sewing and stuffing and then painting some more. These times of laughing untill you almost pee your pants were some of my fondest memories during my pre-teen years.
Then we would drop off all the fruits of our labor at the boutique and hope they sold!

I have always tried to keep and foster that creative gene. Through college I was a business major and then an interior architecture major and then I finally changed for good to a hospitality major. All those art classes were enjoyable though eventually I traded up for traveling.

Anywho here are few crafts I have been working on the past few months...

My entrance for the Makia Craft contest....not the most original idea but it is made of wood and it was fun to make.

I made this quilt for my best friend Jen and her new baby Capri (entering world soon). I love the dalia pattern that I made up and quilted on the front. It is the coziest blanket ever!

So this is a wreath that I made out of all of Boston's crib bedding scraps. It was super easy and took me a day or two. We are kind of a red, white and blue family so it will go on the door most of the summer months.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Winter Wonderland for 5 hours...

I realize that I have neglected my blog when I go to my camera and I have not downloaded them since Ben's Birthday in December. Well we have had an exciting week this week with some snow!

Here is a little update of our situation (and then you get cute pictures). If you don't know yet, Ben is looking for a new job. One that pays a salary :) Ben has had two interviews for a Credit Analyst that went well. We are just waiting there, while he applies for 5 jobs a day and waits for other calls. I think he really would like to have a government job, so we are exploring options there too. I have had one and have another one next week for a Senior Event Manager. Not sure how I feel yet about going back to work....just relying on faith to get me through.

Here is our cutie, that is babbling daily, exploring everywhere and is learning his signs. He can say banana (nannnannna), thank you (tank you) and cheese (eeeese?) and of course mama and dada.

Loving every minute of my last days before busy season is upon us and I start traveling again, which would be tomorrow. Stay warm this winter!

My Boys..

Boston's buddy Westly (1 yr)

Boston's buddy Forest (3 yrs) I think Boston weighs more than him. But Boston was a little squished after that ride.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Yay Packers

Happy Superbowl Sunday! In honor of the GB Packers winning today we are posting this video of our young athlete, Boston!

And a special THANK YOU to Michelle and Aaron for generously giving us their Flip camera... Loving it! (I think of you every time we break it out because of the engagement picture printed on the front) We recently went up to Seattle for my friend Tev's 50th birthday, but had the chance to stay one night with Michelle (my old roommate) and Aaron. They gave us the Flip and also a beautiful rug. Hmmmm, we are searching right now for things to give them for when they come visit us sometime this spring!

Seattle was as lovely as ever. And Tev's party was fabulous and quaint, a special dinner for 12 with her closest friends. And the amazing pedicures beforehand were a special treat from her. Thank you Tev!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

10 pounds and one month down...

2011 is going great for us so far! Here is the update...

I have lost 10 pounds so far, thanks to my combo of Jillian Michael's Master your Metabolism Book and the Couch to 5K program. Yep, I have finally come to realize that after 34 (almost 35) years there is no secret to weight loss. Well there is and it is.....ready...... eating less bad stuff, more good stuff and lots of exercise. So me and Boston have been wogging (walking/jogging for those not familiar with the term) our butts off for two weeks now. Add in a few turbo jams, yoga, kick boxing and Jillian's 30 day shred program and, 10 pounds off!
I love when Boston is in the stroller and about half way through when I am breathing really heavy he realizes I am there, turns around and just smiles a me. Talk about motivation!

I have been working a little here and there, in which I like not being busy. But my mom just insists on taking care of little B even if I don't have work, so I get a few hours of me time to workout or whatever.

Ben just closed his first loan. Wish we had more of those lying around. But still a tiny bit exciting.

We are going to Seattle tomorrow for my friend Tev's 50th Birthday, just me and Ben! Should be a nice getaway in our free hotel room that I won. We also will get to see my old roommate Michelle and her new baby June. And my friend from Hyatt Jessica and her new baby, Beau (only 12 days old).

So for the most part, even though we are little poor, life is good and we are happy! That is all that counts right!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Goodbye 2010, hello 2011!!!

So as you all know 2010 was not my favorite year for just a few reasons. I keep celebrating that the year is finally over and am so very excited for the year to come. But the truth is there were many good moments of the past year, of which I would like to share.

I am so very thankful for...

  • Everytime we point a camera at Boston he squints his eyes like he is preparing for a bright flash. It is my favorite thing he does.
  • My one night away with Ben soon after Boston was born, we went to the coast for our anniversary. It was a wonderful day/night of jacuzzi bath tubs, moose crunch carmel corn and lots of sleep and of course a little monopoly deal in bed. And the best part was the whole trip was free :)
  • My profession...I get lots of free stuff and trips, 2010 was a big travel year for us and it was mostly on the house. Boston is now mobile, I think we will take a few years off.
  • For Ben getting a job, glad he is working everyday (hope that someday he will get paid for all of his hard work)
  • My mom... she is a life saver and loves watching Boston. She has taught him so many things, like how to go up and down stairs, how to say dog...and thanks to the "My Baby Can Read" program, he will be a genius in no time (well, we will see, we have some skeptics around here)
  • Seeing Alaska was amazing, I can check it off my list now.
  • Winning that free trip and going to Hawaii with my best friend Jen, Jason and Ben, it was an amazing trip.
  • Rocking Boston to sleep one night and the moment I realized how much I love him bringing tears to my eyes
  • When once in a blue moon Ben tells me I am beautiful or brings me flowers just because
  • Finding the $45 from the when will Boston actually be born bet on my desk a few weeks before Christmas.
  • The few cozy nights where Ben and I just decided to read together in bed instead of watching TV or playing video games.
  • Any kickboxing class where I got all the steps right and sweat a lot.
  • Dain, Ben's best friend, watching him complete the Iron Man was truly inspirational and almost made me cry. I wish I were half the athlete he is.
  • The best thing I ate last year had to be this yummy butterfish we ate in Hawaii at the most beautiful restaurant right on the ocean at sunset. I think it was really the whole experience, because I can't believe that the best thing I ever ate in 2010 would be fish, it would have to be a cake of some sort, right?
  • The strong bond that Ben and Boston made, I can just tell.
  • For my testimony, it has been tried and tested and has only been made stronger. 2011 will have to be lived with a lot of faith this year and knowing that we will be okay financially...somehow.
  • All the times that Ben and mom watched Boston when I was out of town. I am not thankful for the time I was away, just the fact that I have them in my life to take care of my cutie pie.
  • For writing this blog and realizing that 2010 was actually a great year... minus The International Ecotourism Society and the time I lost working on that conference. Afterall there would have been no free Alaska trip without them.

This blog layout is called the measure of time...what that means to me is, make the most of it this year and be thankful for the time we have together.

Thank you to all of my friends and family, love you and happy new year!