Tuesday, September 13, 2011

At it again!

I would not be a Gemini if I did not have 50 different projects going at once. Some get left in the dust and never get finished (this drives Ben crazy) and some are a complete success!  My sister-in-law Valerie hooked me up as a group leader for a craft kit company called Makia.  I was addicted.  It was so easy and it gave me an opportunity to throw a party every month.  We all know I love to plan parties!  Then sadly Makia went out of business :(  But that did not stop me, I have inventing/copying crafts for my group every month.  I have 14 people coming this month, so I decided I need to keep it organized better, wha-la...Christie's Craft Night blog is born... and has now been merged with my furniture one.  Easier to manage one blog than two!

That is what we have been up to around here.  Well, we have also been camping, swimming, riding bikes and growing too...at least Boston has been!  Yep little Ben number 2, he is looking just like him but a little cuter because he has some Corley in there too somewhere.  Love you honey (both of you)!

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