Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Boston Props...

Introducing Mrs. Rogers...aka my mom. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, my mom comes over to help watch Boston for a few hours while I get some much needed work done. She comes in takes off her shoes and puts on her mawkisons. She takes off her jacket and puts on this nurses smock....all while I am singing "It's a beautiful day in the Neighborhood", the theme song from the Mr. Rogers show. It brings laughter and good memories to my home everytime! Here is Boston with his Elmer Fudd hunting hat, we like it for walks cause it keeps his ears warm and the visor comes down to protect his little blue eyes. THANKS MOM, your amazing!

This is Boston with his beaver. That is ... official Oregon State beaver. Ben found it recently when unloaded his junk, I mean stuff, that was in boxes for many years at his mom's house. This is when I ask myself, if it was in a box for that long and you did not miss it, why do we need it? I need to implement this theory with my own boxes!

And lastly, Boston with his new sunglasses. Tev and I are going to Scottsdale next month, which gave me the opportunity to go buy some bathing suit wear for our days at the resort pool. Can't layout if you don't have sunglasses. I think he likes them :)

Coming soon, pictures of his actual parents, I have been avoiding the camera's lately. And who would not want to center everything around this cute child?