Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mothers Day...for me?

The Corley's, Blakes and Larsons eating our Mothers day feast!
So I know we all celebrated Mothers day a few weeks ago...but as you all know I am behind once again. It was a really nice mothers day for all...especially because I got to be a part of it even though I am just a mommy-to-be!

Backtrack 3 months ago...

Midnight on our one year anniversary..."Hey Ben can I see you a moment in the bathroom", Ben responds "what, why the bathroom", Christie says "Really...can you just come here for a second". A few minutes later Ben mosies into the bathroom and there is a positive pregnancy test on the counter with a sign that says "Congrats, were having a baby, happy anniversary (or something like that)! Ben's response was classic..."Are you sure?", not a yay, or tears of joys, or I am so excited or anything like that, just certain doubt. Then I proceeded to tell him that I got the tests at the dollar store, so I will take another one just to be sure. And I did and it was positive and then he still said he did not trust the tests, cause they only cost a dollar.

The next day, since he did not really believe me I decided to go to the doctor for an official pregnancy test. But first I had to choose the doctor because we have new insurance. I then found out you kind of have to choose the hospital first, because the doctors only deliver at certain hospitals. It became a whole big ordeal, because my insurance only covered certain hospitals not the main one right near us. So then here I am pregnant with a husband that only kind of believes me and I am crying cause I feel like I have to make these stressful decisions on where to have our baby all by myself. I finally choose a doctor, called them, tried to make an appointment to get a test and they said, "did you take a test, because that is pretty much what we do", "we can schedule your first appointment for when you are 9 weeks.", "ok :(". Then I got in the car went to the store and bought a $10 dollar test so that Ben could have a little more assurance. Positive...then I give him the directions and he reads all the scientific stuff about how it determines your pregnant, then he gave me a big smile and said yep, your pregnant!

Moral of the story...

#1 The dollar store tests are just as good as the other ones if they are positive (and your husband believes you), if negative I would go buy the back up $$$.

#2 If your husband's brain is at all scientific or analytical, let him read the directions so he can understand how it all works.

Three tests later...he believes me :)

Baby Boston Charles or Bella Ann (jury is still out on this one, but I think it is a boy anyways) is due on Thanksgiving!

Ben was very sweet on Mothers day and gave me a basket of flowers and plants, even though I am not his mother (his words). We finally heard the heart beat today and he keeps patting my belly. He is going to be a great daddy... It was nice to get a preview when we got to babysit our niece Chloe. I hope our baby is an angel child just like her.

Friday, May 15, 2009

The front of the Homestead and the hot springs.
The Homestead

Above are some pictures I took at the Homestead in Hot Springs, Virginia. I went there for the big SACUBO conference I manage twice a year. It was a great conference which is good since they are my first big client as an independent planner. It was seriously in the middle of no where and the town of Hot Springs literally consists of a couple offices, a small boutique and a subway/convienient store. It was hillarious when I said I was going to walk around town and it took me 15 minutes to walk through the Homestead to get to town and then 2 minutes around the town. And the hotel was truly historic. It has been there since 1766, there are all these pictures of past presidents that used to retreat there and then there are these hot springs that people use to come to and sit in for all kinds of medical treatments. Too bad they are closed off now :( It was still a good time, but I was very happy to return to my husband and civilization.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

San Diego Snapshot...

Ben standing in front of the San Diego temple ( I used to live in this neighborhood)Beautiful Terrie and me at the wedding (she is the last of my SD roomates to get married, yay!!!)

Terrie and Andrew (the Aussie)

Me and Ben, a pic from the rooftop (where the wedding was)
The flowers that I did for her wedding, along with the bouquets and other misc things. Thank you to my assistant Ben, I never would have finished without you!!!

Ben and I had a blast visiting my old stomping ground. I really have lived some beautiful places, San Diego being one of the most beautiful. Torey and Tanner (and Parley) made the drive out from Arizona and stayed at the Sheraton with us, well two doors down. We had the chance to hang out and play some games at the hotel thanks to the baby monitor. We had the baby monitor in our room so we could hear Parley while he was sleeping...genius! It was so fun to play some games and see them again. It also helped that I was being entertained while doing the flowers.
The next morning, the flower business continued and really I barely finished. Ben had to do the centerpieces while I redid all of the boutineers....Hydrangeas! After the flower drama was finished we were able to enjoy a nice evening at the wedding and of course we got to dance! It was a great night with my husband. We also had the chance to visit and have easter dinner with my old friend Shayla and Jonathon. It was so fun for Ben to meet all of my old friends.