Tuesday, May 12, 2009

San Diego Snapshot...

Ben standing in front of the San Diego temple ( I used to live in this neighborhood)Beautiful Terrie and me at the wedding (she is the last of my SD roomates to get married, yay!!!)

Terrie and Andrew (the Aussie)

Me and Ben, a pic from the rooftop (where the wedding was)
The flowers that I did for her wedding, along with the bouquets and other misc things. Thank you to my assistant Ben, I never would have finished without you!!!

Ben and I had a blast visiting my old stomping ground. I really have lived some beautiful places, San Diego being one of the most beautiful. Torey and Tanner (and Parley) made the drive out from Arizona and stayed at the Sheraton with us, well two doors down. We had the chance to hang out and play some games at the hotel thanks to the baby monitor. We had the baby monitor in our room so we could hear Parley while he was sleeping...genius! It was so fun to play some games and see them again. It also helped that I was being entertained while doing the flowers.
The next morning, the flower business continued and really I barely finished. Ben had to do the centerpieces while I redid all of the boutineers....Hydrangeas! After the flower drama was finished we were able to enjoy a nice evening at the wedding and of course we got to dance! It was a great night with my husband. We also had the chance to visit and have easter dinner with my old friend Shayla and Jonathon. It was so fun for Ben to meet all of my old friends.


Megan said...

The Flowers look beautiful!!! And so does San Diego.

or mom said...

I love the pictures and the flowers look beautiful. I love the picture of the San Diego Temple. Glad I was able to have a hand in "training" your assistant!

Torey said...

Miss ya girl! We had a blast.