Sunday, January 22, 2012

Resolutions for 2012...

I feel like as far as blogging...and possibly making dinner for my husband and maybe keeping the house spit spot... I was a total slacker in 2011.  I will try to turn over a new leaf in all those areas this year.  I have been focusing on my other blog alot recently, so come visit me there too at  I have also been much better about a clean house and dinners.  I think partly because Boston is finally great at playing independently and I am cutting myself some slack on purpose.  I am trying to focus on making just 3 meals a week instead of 5 or 6. And I try to keep the kitchen clean as much as possible.  Somehow in my brain, when the kitchen is clean, my house is clean.  Or maybe it just motivates me to clean other parts of my house, cause the kitchen is done. 

I wanted to post a few pics of last year that I may have missed :)

My little boy, is not so little anymore...

My all time favorite picture of the year!

Tractors are a big deal for this little guy, he was so excited to (fake) drive it!

Wow, Ben was so excited (well as excited as Ben gets) to see the Star Wars gang downtown at Christmas.  Since that game came out, I have not seen him much.  J/K!

Turning 2, very traumatic!  He wanted that Thomas on the cake really bad.  Last time I do that!

At Grammy's loving the fire truck and tractor he got for his Birthday!