Sunday, February 6, 2011

Yay Packers

Happy Superbowl Sunday! In honor of the GB Packers winning today we are posting this video of our young athlete, Boston!

And a special THANK YOU to Michelle and Aaron for generously giving us their Flip camera... Loving it! (I think of you every time we break it out because of the engagement picture printed on the front) We recently went up to Seattle for my friend Tev's 50th birthday, but had the chance to stay one night with Michelle (my old roommate) and Aaron. They gave us the Flip and also a beautiful rug. Hmmmm, we are searching right now for things to give them for when they come visit us sometime this spring!

Seattle was as lovely as ever. And Tev's party was fabulous and quaint, a special dinner for 12 with her closest friends. And the amazing pedicures beforehand were a special treat from her. Thank you Tev!


The Arizona Blake Family said...

How cute!

michelle said...

what a cute video! I'm glad we could contribute:) We had such a fun time with you guys and can't wait to visit you soon!