Saturday, August 29, 2009

California Trip...the End!

Finally we get to go home...Although we have one last stop.. Uncle Bert and Bev's in Redding, CA.

When I was growing up, my grandparents (on my fathers side) lived in Redding, also my fathers' brother Bert and Aunt Bev. We would drive up to see them at least once a year, most of the time, twice a year usually for Thanksgiving and Easter. I then went off to college, my grandparents passed away, and my parents moved to Arizona, since then we stopped visiting Redding. Therefore it has been a while since I had seen my aunt and uncle. Ben really wanted to meet them, so we went to visit.

In the past 10 years, my Aunt Bev has become a famous artist. I actually have two of her watercolors hanging in my house. So I was really excited to see what she has been up to lately. Here is an article about her work.... Bev Corford, Canvas Calling

Bev's Art Studio

Aunt Bev & Uncle Bert

Their backyard has so many memories!

Koi pond, this used to be a standing swimming pool we used to swim in all the time.

Ben and I heading home now...yay!

It was so nice to get away for our little adventure before the baby comes. We also had the chance to visit with the Allison's (Emily, Margaret and Don), a family we grew up with and one of my mom's best friends. We also got to see my old boss/mentor, Del Owen and her family. It was a quick stop in Los Altos, but it was cool for Ben to meet some important people from my past. When we were driving home Ben said it was nice to see where I came from. He now knows his other half a little better. Until next time...Hasta la Vista California!

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autumn said...

my goodness! it looks like you guys had so much fun!!