Thursday, October 1, 2009

Babybump and Bryan in Brazil...BBBBBB!

8 months (32 weeks to be exact) and counting down!!! Do I feel ready...not one bit! When does the nesting start? I still have unpacked boxes from the move three months ago, not feeling like they will ever be unpacked...oh well!

One of my nephews, Brian Larson (my sisters oldest child) just left for his mission on Tuesday. He has been preparing for this opportunity for so long. All grown up and ready to leave we got together to see him get set-apart.

The Larson Family (Cheryl, Bryan, Ron, Riley, Elizabeth and Zach)


Torey said...


Rebecca said...

I love your bump and your shirts! You look great!

The Arizona Blake Family said...

Your baby bump is so cute! And really your never ready...not even when you add more to the mix (which we're not incase your wondering :)

kim & co. said...

Love seeing the bump. Hang in there. And, BTW, I never get very "nesty". Just lazy. :)

or mom said...

Love baby bumps.... that's my grandbaby! Can hardly wait to meet him.
Your family will receive SO many blessings because of their missionary son. I know because I did when my sons were serving the Lord.