Monday, August 10, 2009

Soccer in the Northwest!

So this is a bit old, but none the less very exciting for us up here in Portland! We have a soccer team...the Portland Timbers! And Ben wanted to surprise me (he knows I LOVE surprises) by taking me to a game for our Friday night date night, that really only happens about twice or so a month, cause when you have no kids you are together all of the time anyways. Unfortunately that will only last 3 more months or so :( Back to soccer....It was about 100 degrees, and I paid a kid a quarter for his little fan that he got free from the promotion people. Worth every penny! I was a swimmer not a soccer player, so Ben had to help me with the lingo. It was a really fun night though. Love you honey!

Every time a goal is scored, they cut a piece of wood off this big tree and then the mascot, lumberjack Joe (?I think that is his name) takes it around the stadium for people to touch. The girl below was really excited to touch his wood!...sorry could not help myself :)

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