Monday, June 1, 2009

The best birthday ever!

Well, I am not sure about best ever but it was a good one! When I browsed over the weekly forcast, I noticed some beautiful weather in store for the weekend of my birthday. What a better way to spend it then camping? So off we go, most of family in tow...some joined us for just the day. I found the place on my best tent camping sites book. 5 stars for beauty and it was right on a river with trout in it! Turns out they were small trout. But overall it was a great site, very green and lush. My birthday was awesome...Ben gave me a new camera, so excited!!! We had pancakes for favorite, we went fishing and I caught one, then we had some awesome chicken pot pie for dinner and birthday cupcakes..also my favorite...we ended the night with our annual campfire smores contest...Steve won the title this year with his fluffernutter smores and then we played a game of Catan. We drove back along the coast the next day, it was again a beautiful sunny day and gorgous drive. I love Oregon!

On our drive back, my mom, Bryan, me and Ben

Pacific City and Haystack rock, Ben was loving the fact that you can drive cars on the beach, we may have to revisit this place soon!

Mom and dog (Ginger), dog very tired after long day of camping

Intense Settlers of Catan game...Ben won :)

Pre-Settlers Catan dance that Steve and Bryan made up....hillarious!
My sister, Cheryl looking lovely and my brother David's car...really... Mercedes on the camping trip...he stayed for the day...not really a camper :) But we were glad to have him!
Annual smores contest..highlight of the day...besides the fish catching and cupcakes

Ben relaxing.. fishing!
Our campsite was right on this river and waterfall :)


Rebecca said...

Looks fun. I think I went camping on my birthday last year. Hopefully we'll find time to go camping soon. We have a trip planned in August but I want to go once or twice before that.

The Glasgow Goods said...


I missed you on FB, so I thought I'd post it here!!!!

Great to be updated you soon to be mommy.....when do you know if it is a he or she? GOTTA KNOW!!!

K-the dance, I'm sorry I missed that....hillario.

Megan said...

That looks like the best campsite ever. We have plans to actually camp this summer. And I love that beach by haystack rock. We've stopped near there a few times on our trips to Oregon but never played there yet.

kim & co. said...

Happy late birthday! That looks like so much fun! I haven't been camping in ages and miss it.