Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm sooo tired - Part 6...The Zoo

And last but not least a day at the zooo...and now Ben and I are resting...for a while!
Orangatan...too cute for words bonding with the little girl
Baby and momma, is that how I am going to feel? ...big!
Smile Sara :)
Ben looking too cool even for that giraffe
My sister, Cheryl petting the goat
Sara and Elsie riding the fake ponies
All of the kiddies...

It think these cousins are going to miss each other.
Dead maybe not?

Dead moth the size of my hand, surprisingly not at the zoo,
but on our deck when we returned home.


Rachel said...

Isn't it crazy how vacation like activities such as the zoo, the beach, etc... are so exhausting. Especially when you're in charge of kids. (And pregnant.) Hope you get some rest this week. :)

or mom said...

The girls has such a great time. Thank you for entertaining them!...Now go take lots of naps!

The Arizona Blake Family said...

Wow! You've been busy...I'd be tired too! I love all the pictures and that giant moth? (scary) :)