Friday, October 17, 2008

Mom turns 70...

My mom turned 70 on the 15th...the same day that Andrea's daughter Elva (Ilva?) had to go to the hospital to get her sist drained, the same day that my sister got her license taken away from her via her doctor that she told she was unsure about her medication and driving, and the same day that we recieved the news about being 12K poorer than we thought we would be..and unsure that the house deal would even go through at all. I guess I spoke to soon about accepting the offer because the day after we accepted (and good thing it is all contingent on our condo selling), we recieved a call from our realator up in Seattle. He informed us that because of radically dropping prices in Issaquah our appraisal came in 12K less than we sold it for. This is great news for the buyers, bad news for the Blakes. After I shed a few tears, I finally realize that we are so blessed to even be able to sell at all in this market. And so as we are still waiting to hear if they want to move forward at all or renegotiate the price, we just pray that they still want our lovely little condo and that we are still closing in two weeks. It has been two days and my wonderful husband keeps saying "don't worry honey it is going to be fine, they won't back out because they want the plasma tv." Men and toys, let's hope that he is right!
Regardless, I am sure glad that we are celebrating mom's birthday all week long, because it was not the best day.

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Megan said...

Sorry to hear about the bad day. But you should be very grateful if your condo sell really does go through. OUr house is still on the market and I'm sick of it.