Sunday, December 21, 2008

Arctic Blast 2008...

Saturday 9am

Saturday 2pm

Sunday 10am

By the time this is over it will probably be 2009! This weather is crazy, I feel like I live in Tahoe or should at least be on vacation there. But then I am stuck home all the time so the reality is that I am not on vacation and I live in Portland and there has in fact been snow falling for the past week. Yesterday was by far the worst I have seen, I think maybe worse than the Issaquah snow I have dealt for the past three years. I guess it followed me to Portland which is supposed to have milder weather than Seattle. Ben calls it "The Storm that Happens Once Every 20 Years", the media, "Arctic Blast 2008", the people that are from back east call it "Spring" and are laughing at us. Who knew we would see these conditions here.... and no I don't really want a white Christmas, I hope it will melt by then. I prefer sunny Christmas's, and who can blame me, I am from California :)


The Packer 5 said...

Crazy - I hope you guys are getting around OK in that snow.

The Blakes said...

Make a snow angel for me!