Thursday, August 21, 2008

Let's start from the very beginning...

It's a very good place to start,
Doe a deer a female deer...

No really what we are talking about here is a beaver. Beavers and Ducks is what is all about here in Oregon. And while I am neither, my now husband...was a beaver. When I met him, Ben was attending Oregon State University. So when we came upon this stuffed beaver at the high desert museum in Bend on our honeymoon, he was quite excited!
Bend was so beautiful and so much fun. We recieved a few gifts for things on our honeymoon like snowmobiling and restaurant certificates at some of the finest in Bend. The rocky road brownie sunday at the Blacksmith is still our favorite dessert to date for both of us, we went back twice just for the sunday! We stayed at the Cabin Creek Bed & Breakfast. It was a beautiful place and very romantic. I think Ben mostly liked the free snacks, drinks and popcorn that he would stash everyday.
This is Ben above being a big helper on our snowmobiling trip. A tree fell and he was checking out the situation. Good thing our guide had a saw :) It was a great time had by all. Stay tuned for more adventures of Ben and Christie!

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The Blakes said...

Maybe we'll take an anniversary trip there, it looks and sounds heavenly!