Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Thank You's

So, I am not sure why I am such a procratinator, but it seems to be my special skill. Ben and I were married March 22, 2008 and I am still working on Thank you cards...why is this so difficult to finish? As an meeting planner, I pride myself on special skills such as organization, planning ahead and being a multi-tasker. You would think I could manage a few thank you cards! What I really want to express in this post is that Ben and I are incredibly thankful to all that contributed to our wedding in the form of singing, making cakes, cooking and giving gifts of various sorts AND that you still can look forward to recieving and thank you card!

To go along with our shout out thank are a few picks to share from our wedding day...


The Blakes said...

Your wedding was so much fun! I'm glad you succumbed to Sharon's pressure to start a blog...I knew you'd cave eventually! :)

Rebecca said...

Welcome to the blogging world! I look forward to keeping up with your life through this:)

The Arizona Blake Family said... when were you going to email us your blog link? :) We were wondering when you'd join the blogging world and we are glad you did. I think you've already "one up'd" everyone, your wedding pictures are beautiful!