Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Found house...will wait...

So Ben and I found the house of our dreams (well at least my dreams and maybe just my current dreams, not the dreams of the house we may want in 20 years). But it is gorgous! We have been browsing for quite a few months. And this is the best house that we have found yet. Ben and I put in a contingent offer on our condo closing in Seattle, but they rejected it. Turns out they have to sell and close all of the houses on one side of the street first (a total of 4 houses... 1 is complete, 3 more to go). Because we want lot 5 and it happens to be on the other side of street we have to wait. But it is worth it!
Here are the trees our house will be next to.
The kitchen..with granite...yeah!

Now don't get too attached, because you never know what will happen in this market. I am trying not to be, but the fact is...I am blogging it, never a good sign.


The Blakes said...

Dreamy is right! The kitchen has me drooling! We'll cross our fingers it becomes your humble abode next spring. Then we'll come visit you!

Torey said...

Beautiful! Hope it has a guest room. :-)