Friday, September 12, 2008

Mutual Agreement in effect!

So I just can't say we sold it yet, because you never know in this market. But we do have a mutual agreement with the buyer for the sale of our condo in Issaquah. Yeah!!!!!! We have been so patient and were expecting to wait at least three or so more months. It first went on the market in January at $20,000 higher than the current sales price...nothing. We took it off the market and got some renters in there for the summer. Then had lined up another renter for the fall. The switch over happened labor day weekend. The same weekend, Ben and I went up to Seattle and installed brand new carpet and crown molding. We also bought a flat screen plasma TV to incent possible buyers. Well it worked! We got a full price offer yesterday and we accepted last night! Ben is quite bummed that we cannot get the TV back, but maybe someday we can have our very own plasma TV. We are quite grateful that we can have this money at the beginning of our marriage so we can start fresh and buy a house of our own!


Jen Packer said...

Yeah! I am so excited for you - hopefully the closing will be smooth. We just got new renters in our old house. Love You

The Arizona Blake Family said...

Ppppsssssttt! Check my blog - you've been tagged!! :)