Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tent vs. Cabin @ Mt. Hood

Mt. Hood
Ben & Christie
Karie & Dain

In celebration of Labor Day (thank you all who have labored before me so we can have this three day weekend before the summer ends), the gang went camping! I mean Karie, Dain and Ben and I. Mom joined us for a couple nights too. And then on the last night my brothers, Dave and Steven and my sister and her whole family came up for the annual smores contest. I only won 2nd place with my nutella toasted coconut smores. Beat out by Raspberry chocolate...well done Cheryl! Unfortunately, it was raining that day and they all chose not to stay :( And even though it took many hours of menu planning, shopping and packing, it was a fun time had by all! We had to go up to Seattle on the way to work on the condo, which is not really on the way, but Ben was making fun of how much stuff we really had. Take a peek :)

The next weekend, I attended an annual meeting with my company and we too went to Mt. Hood and stayed over night after some very fun river rafting. We stayed at the Inn at Copper Spur Mountain in cabins. And after our little adventure in the flooded tent the previous weekend (long story), I have to give extra points to the cabins. Not as adventurous, but much dryer. Ah, to be one with nature.


Rebecca said...

We went camping that week also but at Lake Chelan, WA. Luckily it didn't rain on us because our tent zipper broke so we had to use close pins to keep it shut at night!

The Blakes said...

Trent has converted me to camping in general, but I'll always prefer a cabin over a tent. Always. It's the city girl in me. :)

Both weekends look like fun though! Good food, good friends, and family...what more could you ask for?!