Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Millions of Peaches...Peaches for Free

Ben and I had the opporunity to spend the whole day together on Saturday. So after running some Ben errands we went to pick peaches. We kept following signs to where it said "u-pick peaches and necterines". Once we go there, it said "closed for ripening". Ben would not settle for a closed sign, so he called the owner of the farm and to our surprise, they said come on up. Once we found the barn an 85 year old man, Farmer Bay walked out with his cane. We listened to his life stories for about 15 minutes and then he told us we could pick some necterines off the trees, but the peaches we would have to be picked-up off the ground. We found quite a few ripe and good "wind fall" peaches on the ground. And then after we picked our 10 lbs. of peaches and necterines and went to pay our $8, the little old man and woman did not have change. They said since they were not technically open that we should just take them for free. We even stopped at a garage sale and picked up a 100 year old book on mechanics of some sort for $5. Wow what a day! So far we have made, peach ginger marmalade, peach tomato salsa, french peach pie and even Ben got into the peach fest and made a cobbler! Too much fun :)

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The Blakes said...

Sounds like a great way to spend a Saturday! Can you sneak a jar on the plane when you come to visit? It looks scrumptious! I'll make some fresh bread to smother it on. {Those Blake boys are much more domesticated than they like to let on...)