Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What is up with the Blake's????

So I went out of town last week for an event and lost touch with the outside world (meaning you). Rest assured that the Blake's are doing well, very well, despite these tough times! We must be on the right side of something or someone :)

A couple of updates for our fans:
  • We closed on the house!!!! Best news of the year...well, besides our marriage.
  • Therefore, we got to remove the contingency on our new house. They can start building now!
  • I went to Savannah and came back...The SACUBO Fall Workshop was a success! For those of you that don't know, my old company MRA, contracted me through my new company Henry V, to manage the SACUBO (Southern Association of College and University Business Officers) events two times a year. Eventually I plan on being an independent contractor, this would be my biggest client. Things are lining up well!
  • I became an LLC! Recently I found a business partner named Amanda (long story how I found her). She is great, has a passion for events and weddings and has a sweet accounting background, which I needed desperatly. We launched together Northwest Green Event Management doing business as Northwest GEM. Everything is still a work in progress but you can check out our website
  • Winter came to Portland :(
  • My brother David turned 50! Actually he is leaving for Thailand tomorrow and will be celebrating in style.
  • My mom adopted a pug (more details later)
  • Ben got a job! It is only part-time but it gives us a little xtra Christmas or house money.

I hope all is well out there, from reading your blogs...sounds like it is!


Torey said...

Congrats, congrats! You've got so much going on! So glad to hear it, especially about your new business! Your website has the perfect Corlita touch!

The Blakes said...

When do you sleep? Congrats on the new business, the house, and all the other fun stuff!

Rebecca said...

I love the new business including the name...super cute. Good luck with that. So far the website looks great.

Megan said...

Congrats on your house selling! I wish mine would so we could start building our new one. Good luck with your business venture!