Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 Random Things....

So I posted this on Facebook...but a few of you are not on it. Cool idea. So I guess this would be double dipping, or double posting? Whatever, I have nothing else to do :)

1. I love cake. All kinds, I don't discriminate against any cake except cake that is soaked in things like milk or coffee or rum because I think it strips the cake of its cakey texture, it becomes soggy cake...its not right.
2. I love that I have a job that allows me to travel. I love traveling because it gives me an excuse to buy things, not just for myself but for other people, any excuse to buy things is good. Although there are other reasons that I love traveling too...
3. I think I have a shopping problem, I mean seriously #2 ??? There are much better reasons to love traveling. But of course with the shopping addiction comes a buying and returning skill as well. I don't think there is anything wrong with shopping if you return it :)
4. I seriously would like a new hairstyle since I have had this one for at least 15 years, but it scares me to cut it.
5. I have a new painting hobby. I am learning to oil paint. I was signed up for a class, but then got laid off so I dropped it and got my money back. At least I went to the first class and got some good tips and the free supplies. Like shopping, but free! Should I have some remorse about this?
6. I also have a new hobby of sewing. I really just like going to the fabric store, I love all the colors and patterns and when they have sales, I sometimes get to buy the fabric. Too bad you can't really return it after it is cut :( The cutting of patterns out part is really over-rated too. But it is fun if I actually finish something. For Christmas I made all my nieces and nephews aprons. Fun times!
7. I have a bad habit of not finishing things, this closely relates to the above. Lots of ongoing projects in my house, not a lot of finished projects in my house.
8. I love being married, but looking back I loved being single too. I had some good times. Although when I was in it, I hated being single. So really I just love being married....to Ben.
9. I am freaked out to have a child or two (or according to Ben three, secretly not gonna happen). I am sure it is great and all after, but I don't think it is right for something that size to come out of something significantly smaller????
10. My husband plays WOW (World of Warcraft) and I am embarrassed for him .....and me.
11. My friend Tev likes to take all of the free stuff they give you when you stay in a hotel (or anywhere else for that matter)...I used to laugh at her. But now I join in the fun. When you travel as much as I do you realize that you should take advantage of being in other places and having amenities such as these. Now you know that if you ever stay at my house, part of your turn down service is a whole line of bath products complimentary from the wonderful hotels I have stayed at. (again kind of like shopping but free, maybe it is not such a problem)
12. I have been on more diets than Oprah (or so I feel)...someone once told me that if you take the word "diet" and cross out the "t" you get the word "die". What does that mean exactly?
13. My favorite part of putting on my make-up in the car is my eyes...they have to be done at a stop light. I love eye shadow and I religiously buy the Mac holiday eye shadow set every year. This year I was in Savannah when it came out and I had to make an emergency call to my friend to go buy it for me. She laughs at me, because I ended up returning it because the colors were so close to last year.
14. I have virgin hair...never been dyed.
15. I ran Hood to Coast this year. (14 something miles, not in a row) It was the time of my life! But I still do not consider myself a runner, more of a wogger.
16. I miss my friends, I have friends all over. Chicago, Arizona, Utah, Washington, Texas, Cali...I guess when you have lived lots of places your friends are more dispersed. In my opinion, they should all move to Portland. It would be so much fun!!!!
17. Green...word of the year right? Well I just hope it sticks. On my first date with my husband, he pretty much insulted me because I had a case of water bottles in the back of my car. Wow, I had know idea they had such an impact on the world. Green makes the world go round.
18. Tev and I are going to write a book about traveling. I will be hitting you all up on your own personal tips. (T, get ready) Is this another project?
19. I wear earplugs at night. Sometimes just one, but since I have been married... two. Sometimes I fear this is doing damage to my brain or ears or something I am unaware of. Is this a habit I need to break????
20. In my opinion I have too much stuff...probably a result from the shopping and unfinished project habits. I know this because every time I move it feels wrong that we are moving so many boxes for one person. Now that Ben and I are together there are maybe 4 more to add to my 50+. I wish I had the will power to donate everything and start fresh. But alas, I can't bare to part with it.
21. I love water...I constantly have a water bottle (now a reusable one) with me. I feel parched without it.
22. I wish I knew where my life is going and where Ben will be working when he graduates and what are kids will look like and what life will be like in 5, 10, 15, 30 years???? As a planner, not knowing things urks me.
23. I love the smell of Eucalyptus trees, it reminds me of the drive between San Jose and Monterey, California. It brings back many childhood memories.
24. When my husband brings me flowers, I cry. I think it is the most thoughtful thing someone can do for another.
25. And last but not least...the mark on my forehead that most people cannot see because of make-up, IS a birthmark, not a scar from a curling iron like my sister has convinced me of for the last 20 years.


autumn said...

you're so funny. i'm glad you posted this on your blog because i hate reading all of them on facebook. i feel like we're kindred spirits.

kim & co. said...

I think its awesome that you love to shop, but actually take things back. Steve and I aren't really into shopping, but it seems like whenever we (more like, he) buy things, they get taken back several times before we get it right.

And go green! When you do have that baby, I can tell you all about cloth diapers :)