Sunday, February 15, 2009

V day

Ben and I alternate who is in charge of planning our activity for V day and our anniversary since they are so close together. This year is was my turn. So the planning began...I overheard Ben talking with my bro about jazz a couple weeks ago and therefore was inspired. We have a Jazz club locally that is pretty dang good and they had a special v-day show, so I bought some tickets. It was a busy day...we helped a friend of Ben's move and had some lunch and took some naps and our friend Leland was staying with us for the weekend. So at 5 o'clock Ben and I headed downtown for some dinner and some jazz. We had the best table in the house and the worst dinner I have had yet in Portland. Ben asked if we could go after the band finished their 1st set. I just started laughing. It would have been too obvious to leave, but they played some good songs after that including one of my fav, Marvin Gaye "Let's get it on" :) All and all I think my fav part of the night was coming home and getting in our pajamas, making up some chocolate lava cakes and ice cream and watching a pretty funny movie with Ben, me and Leland.

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Rebecca said...

Looks like a fun night minus having a friend at home to share your "romantic" night with.