Tuesday, February 10, 2009


So all this waiting is proving to be quite difficult in my life since I am a planner. Everything seems to be in a holding pattern. My 2nd job interview with the law firm went well. And they have confirmed with me that they would like me to come to the 3rd interview which will be a panel of people including a tele-conference with several people from their other offices. No pressure or anything! That should be sometime this week. I have applied for one other job this week for a hotel group, but I am just not sure I want to go back to that life. My goal still remains to go full force into building Northwest GEM. But alas we are waiting and seeing if I get this job because it would be better that I have full time work until Ben gets something permanent. Ben has starting applying for a few positions. He has ONLY 5 weeks of full time school left. Then he just has one class next term before he graduates!!!
The house is more on hold then ever as well. If I get the job then we get the house...right? Well life is proving not to be that easy. We are re-evaluating how to move forward because of this market. The house will be finished March 25th, so we have about a month to decide. Again, no pressure or anything.
All this waiting and seeing, has really just helped us to become closer to the Lord because it is really all about trusting in him and knowing that our plan will unfold soon enough.
In the mean time, it has kind of been fun to be home when Ben gets home from school and to attempt to finish many projects I have had to keep on hold because I was too busy working. Fun times!


Rebecca said...

Good luck on the job interview. That must be so stressful.

Megan said...

ditto again:)