Sunday, February 15, 2009

Am I crazy?

Sometimes, I wonder if I am crazy especially recently when I called the law firm and withdrew my name from a potential job that pays way more than what I made last year with even better benefits and perks. True stability...I am crazy to give that up in this economy...right? But I have a passion and a love for what I do and that's meeting planning. I have decided to go freelance full force with my business Northwest Green Event Management (GEM). We were going to wait until Ben gets a job, which is also very unsure...but also it just felt right to do it now. Of course with this crazy life changing decision comes the loss of a very beautiful house that was being built for us. We called our Realtor on Thursday and told him of the job loss and that we are pulling out of the deal. We were trying to hold on and possibly get that job. But then it became I am only taking this job to get the house and then but why are we buying a house when we don't know where Ben is going to get a job. We might have to move and then we have this house. It has also become a question of this market, would the house that is actually appraising for 10K more now, lose 5 to 20% more value in the next few years. No one truly knows what is going to let's stay safe. Do we want to commit to something when our lives our so up in the air. Nothing makes me more sad, but strangely at the same time I have peace and know that there is a greater plan being worked here. The timing of it all is just too right.

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